Author: Karlee Davis, MS, LPC

snow covered field during golden hour

How to Cope with the Winter Blues

The holidays are often a source of sadness for those who do not have family or friends to share their time with, for those who are grieving the loss of their loved one/s, for those who are without a home or food to eat, and for those who have difficult memories of previous holidays.

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flock of duck on water during daytime

Let Nature Nurture You

Most medical and mental health professionals are on the same page these days when it comes to recognizing the therapeutic benefits of spending time in nature. Have you ever spent time outdoors and noticed a peaceful feeling or a sense of mental clarity? For me personally, time in nature is a major part of my lifestyle and wellbeing.

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person holding happy birthday card

Happiness is an Inside Job

Your ????︎????????︎???????? starts with ????????︎????. So often, we partner up with people to fill in the gaps of where we feel depleted. We expect them

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ocean waves crashing on rock formation during sunset

Leaning in Versus Resisting Our Emotions

We resist our pain in so many ways, often because we don’t feel worthy of something different -something better; we feel too “broken” or we don’t believe that healing from our trauma is even possible. Sometimes our trauma story is the only story we know – our identity. Our safe and cozy cocoon of familiarity.

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woman sitting on seashore

Mindfulness for Beginners

The aim of mindfulness is to increase awareness so that we can respond to situations with choice rather than react automatically or impulsively. We do that by practicing to become more aware of where our attention is, and deliberately changing the focus of attention, over and over again.

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