This service allows us to provide individual, couples, and/or group counseling services to you via the Internet (video) or phone. At Ocean Mist Counseling, we understand that work and school schedules and/or lack of transportation or childcare can make it extremely challenging to make it to in-office appointments. Not to mention, some people prefer to process their emotions from the safety and comfort of their own home. That is why we are happy to provide Telehealth services as an alternative.

In the Event of an Emergency

It is recommended that you contact your local mental health crisis phone line. There are a variety of crisis hotlines available under our “Resources” tab.

Who Can Provide Telehealth Services?

Most licensing boards require the therapist to be licensed in the same state as the patient to whom they are providing services. We are currently licensed in Oregon; therefore, residents of Oregon may participate in our online therapy services.


Connectivity – Poor connection quality or becoming disconnected altogether may occur during an online counseling session. In such instances, the likely remedy would be to complete the session by telephone.


Security of the transmission can be another concern; however, several services will provide encrypted video conferencing, which is critical for HIPAA-compliant privacy. I use a reputable online therapy platform called Simple Practice that is 100% secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Equipment and Broadband

Our online counseling service requires you to have access to a reliable broadband connection, web camera, and microphone capability. This can be achieved via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You must have either Google Chrome, Safari (Safari 11 for Mac), or Firefox.