How Attitude and Exercise Can Affect Your Addiction Recovery

Written by: Jennifer Scott


An important, and often overlooked, component of recovering from addiction is cultivating good health. That’s why it’s essential for people struggling with addiction to put both their mental and physical houses in order. In this article, Ocean Mist Counseling explains how attitude can make or break your efforts to recover, and we'll look at how exercise can help you to enjoy long-lasting sobriety. We’ll also discuss how alternative treatment methods like meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda can help you in your journey. In the end, you’ll have a clearer picture of how today’s choices can plant the seeds for tomorrow’s achievements. Let’s get started.


Attitude Is Everything


Your inner perceptions are just as crucial to your well-being as external factors. Here are some important questions to ask yourself:


  • How do you see the world around you? Do you obsess about the past or look forward to the future? Do you dwell on disaster or focus on improvement? These are vital questions to ask yourself because optimism offers tangible benefits over defeatism. Some ways to promote a winning attitude are to avoid negative self-talk, record positive events in a journal, and try each day to become a better person.

  • What do you do when the urge to fall off the wagon rears its ugly head? Do you listen to the voices that tell you, “Oh, come on; one time won’t hurt”? Or do you remind yourself of the possibilities an addiction-free life offers? Your inner dialogue determines which way your life goes. Try to keep it on the right track.

  • How do you react when anger or despair try to cloud your brain? Do you feed the fires of negative thoughts? Or do you take a moment to find calm and clarity? There’s nothing wrong with sadness or discontent within the proper context, such as when a friend passes away or you suffer an injustice. The problems begin when you dwell on these feelings and let them control you.  


Taking Charge of Tomorrow


There’s no way to undo the past, but each of us can shape our future. The journey begins when we focus on self-improvement. Here are some proven ways to get started:


  • Set aside time each day for physical exercise. You don’t have to pump iron or run a marathon. Activities like gardening, tai chi, and yoga offer benefits for people in recovery. You can participate in these activities on your own or join a group that will keep you enthused.

  • If you'll be exercising at home, make sure your space is kept clean. This can result in more positive emotions and less stress.

  • Recharge your mind by learning new skills, reading a good book, or practicing mindful meditation.

  • Explore holistic and alternative treatments, which Western science recognizes as valid treatments for pain. Many people in recovery report that treatments based in spirituality or holistic concepts helped them to break free of their addictions. One such possible treatment is Ayurveda, which promotes health and balance by using special herbs, diet, and breathing. It understands the link between health and your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, and is an excellent way to treat addiction.


The Cup Is Both Half-Empty and Half-Full


There’s nothing easy about life. Even people who enjoy great wealth or fame fall victim to addiction and other problems. Each day, we see plenty of reasons to jump for joy or suffer in sorrow. Reality is a mixed bag of blessings and bedevilments, and nothing we do can change this fact. However, we can transform the way we interact with the world. This will never solve all our problems, but it will help us to cope with them; and that’s a good start. So, keep your head up and your eyes focused on what’s ahead. Best of luck in your journey to recovery. 


In addition to the above tips, psychotherapy is another beneficial form of treatment. If you'd like to learn more or become a new client, reach out to Ocean Mist Counseling by calling 541-270-4717.