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Leaning in Versus Resisting Our Emotions

We resist our pain in so many ways, often because we don’t feel worthy of something different -something better; we feel too “broken” or we don’t believe that healing from our trauma is even possible.

Sometimes our trauma story is the only story we know – our identity. Our safe and cozy cocoon of familiarity.

Resisting our trauma can look like:

Trying to “save” other people by involving ourselves in “project relationships”

Trauma bonding

Surrounding ourselves with people who are willing to co-sign on our denial patterns

Numbing out with drugs or alcohol




Faking happiness

Scrolling through socials and focusing on everyone else’s lives but our own


People pleasing


Spiritual bypassing

Excessive distraction

Victimization & blaming


Controlling others


The list goes on and on and on!

In order to lean in, we must:

1. be willing to take honest inventory of ourselves and the ways we push our pain away;

2. believe whole heartedly that our healing is POSSIBLE, that we are WORTHY of emotional freedom, and that we can TRUST that others can help us – and even more importantly, that we can trust in our ability to help ourselves;

3. be completely FED UP and willing to surrender.

4. be willing to feel it to heal it.

This can look different for all of us.

Here are some of the ways I help my clients to lean in:

Somatic and Attachment Focused EMDR

Inner child work

Yoga & body movement

Breath work

Chakra balancing


Boundaries & assertiveness training

Song and dance

Journaling & poetry


EFT Tapping

Guided meditation


I believe that we ALL have the power to heal.

Whether you are currently in resistance or leaning in..

????I see you.

????I love you.

????I believe in you.

????I honor you.



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