Abundance Mindset

What are your beliefs about🅰︎🅱︎🆄🅽🅳🅰︎🅽🅲🅴? Do you tend to live your life from an abundance mindset or a scarcity mindset?

Abundance mindset:

💫I BELIEVE abundance is POSSIBLE in all aspects of my life.

💫I TRUST that my deepest intentions are achievable and that the Universe has my back.

💫I KNOW that there is enough to go around for everybody.

💫I already AM all that I desire. I don’t have to be or do anything for this to be true.

💫I am WORTHY and DESERVING of all that the Divine has to offer.

Scarcity mindset:

😬WHAT IF it doesn’t work out in my favor?

🥴Success takes TOO MUCH work/time/energy.

🤔HOW is that even possible?

☹️I’m NOT WORTHY of success. I don’t deserve it.

😩I DOUBT that could ever happen for me.

What abundance/scarcity train cars do you tend to ride?🚂


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