Drops of Wisdom: Frankincense

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

If I had to choose just one essential oil that I could have access to for the rest of my life... It would be Frankincense, without a doubt.

Some ways that I love to use Frankincense include the following:

  • A drop under my tongue each am for healthy cellular support

  • Adding a drop to my facial moisturizer, face masks, and body sprays for clear skin

  • Applying over my heart before meditation/yoga for relaxation and centering

  • Applying to wounds, cuts, and burns for speedy healing time

  • Added to raw brown sugar and mixed in with tea or kombucha for immune support

  • Diffusing for stress relief, calming, emotional grounding, and relaxation

Did you know that Frankincense can also help with razor bumps from shaving? Provide relief to your skin with this do-it-yourself Razor Relief Serum enhanced with Frankincense essential oil. Frankincense is one of the best oils to help skin feel and look rejuvenated. By using this serum infused with Frankincense oil, the chemical properties of the oil will aid in reducing appearances of skin imperfections and the serum will benefit the irritated skin by soothing the sensitive razor bumps for an all-day appearance and feel your skin will love.  

For more information on dōTERRA Frankincense, visit the spotlight here.





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