Get Back in Your Heart!

“Get back in your 🅷🅴🅰︎🆁🆃!”


This is something I’m constantly reminding myself to do!


Whenever I catch myself in resistance (anything other than acceptance) and want to raise my vibration, here’s what I do:

Step 1.

Notice where the thought/feeling is showing up in my body.


Step 2.

🏄🏽‍♀️ the 🌊 of the thought/feeling until I’m able to accept it (*note: acceptance does NOT equal approval.. it simply means to acknowledge something without judgement). Can’t skip this part because as it’s said, “You’ve gotta FEEL to HEAL.”


Step 3.

Picture an .


Step 4.

Allow whatever is out of alignment to fall through the .


Since fear-based vibrations are primarily derived from the mind (thoughts), and the heart is based in love and truth, I can witness and feel them dropping down from my ego into to my heart.


I think of my heart as my filtration system. It purifies the grime!


Where have you been out of alignment lately? How do you shift your vibrations? Would you be willing to give this process a try?


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