How to Challenge Limiting Beliefs


We ALL have them. Some of them come and go and some of them, when we tell them to ourselves enough times, turn into our IDENTITY! In therapy, we call them CORE BELIEFS. And these F’ers can be persistent!

One of my most potent negative core beliefs has had to do with running. It’s gone something like this:

“I hate running.” *Said with conviction!

“My body doesn’t like to run.”

“I’m not a runner.”

“Having a running partner would be TERRIBLE, because then I have to talk while I run (an introvert’s nightmare😂)

So, when a friend invited me to be her running partner, you can guess my immediate reaction. “Ah hell no, you’re talking to the wrong girl!” *followed by all of those limiting beliefs. But then something happened. I quickly called myself out and told her I’d try it.

That was 5 weeks ago and I just got home from our 15th run! As far as the talking while running anxiety, turns out I love it! It makes the time fly by and we have uplifting conversations about our dreams and goals🌟.

So, to some, these might just look like some shoes. To me, they represent me crushing the $#!+ out of a long-time limiting thought pattern that I’ve rolled with FOREVER!

What limiting beliefs do you tell yourself when it comes to what you or your body are capable of?


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