Lemon Grass Essential Oil

Originating from Southern India, Lemongrass essential oil has been used as an ingredient in many soups, teas, curries and seafood in the Asian cuisine. When combined with food or beverage, dōTERRA Lemongrass promotes healthy digestion. Dilute to use during a back massage to relish in the purifying and soothing benefits Lemongrass essential oil offers. Diffusing Lemongrass in the morning helps to heighten your awareness.

Add doTERRA Lemongrass to your essential oil collection and you will experience healthy digestion, feelings of peace and awareness, and a soothing sensation when used on muscles and joints. Use Lemongrass in your food or beverages to add flavor and provide additional dietary support. Diffuse Lemongrass when feeling nervous or to assist with fatigue. This unique essential oil is known to promote a positive outlook.

For more benefits, read about dōTERRA Lemongrass here.

Here are two of my favorite Lemongrass diffuser blends:

Sweet Sunshine

5 drops Lemongrass

3 drops Wild Orange

1 drops Peppermint

Happy Day

3 drops Lemongrass

3 drops Lavender

3 drops Peppermint

Calmly Fresh

3 drops Bergamot

3 drops Lemongrass





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