The Duality of Life

The 🅳🆄🅰︎🅻🅸🆃🆈 of life.


When we allow two opposing realities to exist at once.

Why though?!

Because the simplicity of black/white, all/nothing, always/never, & logic/emotion denies the true depth of most life experiences.


We can love someone deeply AND STILL have no contact with them. (including family)

We can have boundaries AND STILL hold space for others.

We can have a beautiful soul AND STILL have shadowy parts of ourselves.

We can be wise & experienced AND STILL have a lot to learn.

We can feel guilty for things we’ve done AND STILL love and forgive ourselves.

We can be in the trenches of grief AND STILL enjoy our life.

We can have strong emotions AND STILL respond calmly.



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